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    Welcome to Kinson Products

This site has been designed with all of our customers and their customers in mind.When we started this project we knew it needed to work on several different levels, because we had to provide a service that would not harm our reputation as a manufacturer and wholesaler to the pet industry.

For the resellers of Kinson Products it offers a way to show all of our items to your customers without losing your sale. 

This website has many different functions for the resellers of Kinson Products...

 Price list, Email contact/order forms, product pictures/infomation and previous order recording for up to 3 months. The latest news items and special website discounts will also be available to the resellers who have their own security code, which will be submitted once we have your email address.

In the case of being a visitor to Kinson Products it offers an extensive look into all of our products, including pictures/information and has a Kinson Products resellers list to show you where you can purchase any of our items.

Please feel free to give us any feedback on how to improve this website, thank you for visiting KINSON PRODUCTS

New Product
New Product

Strong wire based Futon Pet Bed (Size shown is a large)

The dog shown in this picture is a 50Kg Rottwieller x Ridgeback and it looks like he still has plenty of room to move.

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